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Jingdong intends to take out 10% of the executives in 2019?Jingdong: true

Date: 2019-02-19

Jingdong executive team also failed to escape from the lay-offs.

According to the report, jingdong group in convention last weekend, announced in 2019 to take out more than 10% of the vice President level executives.The decision, according to people familiar with the jingdong is to solve the problems of various organizations enterprises, has been profound internal reflection.

This is the first time jingdong on executive layer clear out.According to tecent science and technology information, jingdong altogether has 180000 employees, including vice President level executives expect more than a few dozen to about one hundred people.

Jingdong confirmed the news, and said, "the group is actively promoting" cabal, big business 'transformation, aimed at natural resources, give full play to the organization vigor, the escort for the development of diversified business, in order to realize the quality of growth ".

Since liu in black swan, jingdong problem gradually revealed problems we face at home and abroad.On the one hand, jingdong needs to deal with retail rookie spell is great and old rival ali's double attack;Jingdong internal needs, on the other hand, a system of the new organization structure to promote the company to go ahead.

With other companies, jingdong also joined the Internet wave of layoffs, inevitably also reduced along with all the staff of the year-end bonuses.

According to statistics, after implementing the system of starting 14 pay jingdong, year-end bonuses shrink this year for a salary.And according to the AI of finance and economics press, jingdong award is also quite late, as of January 23, are not yet received award notification.

Lay-offs last, jingdong are also constantly upgrading the internal organizational structure.

Jingdong has been no definite "no".After two organizational structure adjusted (the first is the restructuring of the five business department, the new three business groups, and included in the foreground, middle and background several big system;Second is jingdong mall upgrade into retail group), frank xu lei gradually from jingdong mall rotating CEO is a formal CEO, this looks like the further decentralization of liu.

But, in fact, jingdong retail, jingdong logistics, jingdong digital technology, head of the "troika" of the highest still all report to liu, liu still have strong control for group.

Today, jingdong bottom elimination system for executives at the same time, continues to promote the transition of cliques, big business, looking for new growth point for jingdong business.